Time To Plag!

I just wanted to let you all know about Plag, a great information app I have been using. Yes, I know it’s a weird name, used to be Plague but there was a thing because there is a game named Plague and they had a hissy fit so the app had to dump a couple of letters from the name. Anyhow, Plag works like a virus, sending information first to the active users located closest to you and spreading out globally from there. You can post anything, a photo, topic for discussion, a question, whatever you want to share with the world and you will receive the same from everywhere and anywhere. There is no “friending” or ” following”, just a continual flow of the thoughts and dreams of people of every age from all walks of life. It’s available on Android and iOS or just go to http://plag.com/app/.  Happy Plagging!